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July 13, 2019 10:00-2:30 

Cost $70 - includes all materials

Early-bird special pricing!

Space is limited - sign up today!


Most of us have fleeting ideas of what we want to be, do or have in our lives.                 

But they remain just that: fleeting. After all, who has the time to intentionally get clear about what we want to create?


Well, everyone from Ellen Degeneres to Oprah Winfrey to Katy Perry swears that they intentionally created outcomes by using a simple tool: Vision Boards. A Vision Board is a way to anchor your dreams and to allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life. So many of my clients have too! I regularly received feedback that this isn't your average Vision Board Workshop. That it's so much more powerful! 


As someone who has made my own Vision Boards

(and manifested some amazing results!) I’ve learned it’s

more than just slapping a picture onto a poster board. It’s

about getting clear on your authentic life, letting of what’s in

the way – and then clearly connecting with your dreams

while designing a vision board that calls to you.


That’s why I am leading this CREATE YOUR LIFE VISION-BOARD WORKSHOP… to give you the space you need to intentionally define your dreams and create a Vision Board that will effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes to you!

Science has proven the power of the brain and visualizing. Check this out:

• Scientific studies reveal that when you visualize an action, you stimulate the same
brain regions as when you actually perform that action. Cool!

• Medical studies prove that when stroke victims imagine moving a limb - even after it’s paralyzed by a stroke - brain blood flow increases enough to reduce tissue death. (Wow!)

• One athletic study proved that visualization enabled nationally ranked gymnasts to execute several complex tricks for the first time.

• Visualization has also been shown to improve

high jumpers clearing the bar! In other words, your

brain can be trained to create outcomes you most

want. And this is exactly why I’m hosting a half-day

workshop to help people visualize their ideaoutcomes,

results and lives. Because it works!


  • Clarity on what you really want (no more settling for someone else’s dreams!)

  • Sacred space and time to map out your ideal outcomes in each area of your life

  • Connection with like-minded people (No Negative Nellies allowed!)

  • All the tools, time and support you need to create your own powerful Vision Board (I will provide all of the materials you’ll need right in the room)

  • Your very own Vision Board to take home and effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes in the months ahead

  • A half-day of breathing room and dream-time (They very thing you keep telling yourself you need, but never do!)

  • A follow-up plan for you to take home to start manifesting your goals and dreams

When: Saturday, July 13, 2019

Time: 10:00 - 2:30 PM

Location: 7641 Talbert Avenue ~ Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Cost: $70 - early bird pricing! Includes all of the supplies + snacks and a two online courses!

Space is limited due to the intimate nature of the work. Sign up today in the link above

Questions? Please email me at

or call 714-880-8134

Read what others have to say about the attending this Vision Board Life Purpose Workshop:

Heather M., Long Beach, CA 

I completed a vision board in early January with Nikki; not even three weeks later I received an offer to work for my dream company. I starting my year off with new hope, new opportunities, and I am committed to the intentions I set through the workshop. Nikki didn't push or suggest she simply held the space for me to truly consider what is important to me in this coming year. If you are interested in expanding your personal vision I suggest meeting with Nikki or attending a workshop to see your dreams come to life.

Vanessa B. Long Beach, CA

​I was blessed w/ the opportunity to join a Vision Board Workshop last wknd & it was amazing!!! 👍🏼🙌🏼 I normally avoid things like this... putting myself out there, meeting new people & awkward situations. However, I must admit that you’re never gonna get different results if u keep feeding your fears!  If anyone is interested in meditation, or learning how to manifest & create the life you’ve always wanted; I highly recommend Nikki Buckstead’s services! She is such an inspirational ray of light! ✌🏼✨I learned the power is within us all; sometimes it’s just a matter of getting clear on our intentions & how to move into action. 😉

Tess S., Huntington Beach, CA

I highly recommend this workshop, So glad me & my best friend did this Vision Board workshop with Nikki, a very well put together & organized day of creating doable short & long time life goals. She provides all the supplies & guidance that is priceless. Nikki reminded me that I need to put myself first, it’s what’s important to be able to take care of everyone else. She guided & supported us the entire time, in creating our end product “our own” proudful- individualized vision board” to take home & display, which has been a success, as I’ve worked on, completed & continue to work on more than already half of my board and it’s only been approximately 6 months. Thank You Nikki. 


Phone: (714) 880-4134


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