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When I found out I was selected as one of the co-authors of Recipe for Success, with the best-selling author Jack Canfield, I actually didn't tell anyone for close to a week - not even my fiance! I almost couldn't believe it myself and honestly, was a little bit terrified. I mean it is JACK CANFIELD! 

You see, less than a month earlier I was envisioning being a part of a book - and having never written anything that had been published before (other than my own blog posts) I said to myself "I want to start out with something small, but with a BIG impact." I wasn't ready to write my life story, but was ready to share some of my knowledge and expertise regarding the importance of self-care. 

Then this opportunity fell in my lap and I took it! Terrified - but I took it! Jack and his team invited me to write a Chapter in his upcoming book. Next think you know, I was having meetings with the Publisher, at a photo-shoot for the book, working with deadlines, getting ready for press releases - all kinds of new adventures. I feel so grateful to have followed my intuition, and manifested this incredible opportunity.


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Chapter Preview

Authored by: Nikki Buckstead



Reframing is an important strategy to keep your mind healthy and continue to look for the positive in your circumstances. Self-limiting beliefs are the number one thing I help my clients with. These beliefs stem from years, if not decades of self-doubt and low self-worth that has crept in and taken up free rent in our minds. These beliefs are ideas that were told to us by our parents, siblings, teachers, friends, bosses, and spouses, etc. They are words that we have we have come to believe as the truth –  our truth. And they hold us back from becoming who we want be. Research shows we have between 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day and 90% of those thoughts we had the day before. So we continue to tell ourselves the same story over and over again – even if it was never true to begin with!

I work with my clients on learning to identify and trust their inner guide, gut instinct, intuition – whatever you want to call it.  There are ways to begin to cultivate trusting your intuition, but it does take some practice. I think we have all had an experience, or several experiences where we knew something was off, but couldn’t put our finger on it. Or where we got this feeling in our gut to take a different route, rather than the street or parking lot that looked empty and dark.

So much of our self-limiting beliefs come from fear. Mostly, fear of failure. But this perceived failure creates stress and anxiety, and sometimes we actually become paralyzed with fear. Perceived failure robs us of our self-worth – which in turn creates many problems, including self-sabotaging behaviors. We begin to underestimate ourselves, criticizing and judging ourselves, sometimes harshly. We stop taking healthy risks and take the “safe route.”


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