Mindfulness for Everyday Life

After more than a 30 year meditation practice (not consistent though!) I decided to become a meditation teacher. Primarily to understand meditation better and to deepen my own practice. I have since held a variety of meditation classes in my office, and just recently put one of my most popular classes online - Learn to Meditate, and it's free.

Mindfulness in real life is not only important, but can dramatically improve your well-being in a variety of ways. One of the reasons I appreciate mindfulness and meditation is because it helps with things such as sleep issues, decreasing anxiety and stress, helps with decreasing blood pressure and increases all of those feel good hormones. All of that without a label, diagnosis or a pill.

I will admit it: I have had an on-and-off relationship with meditation. I talk about this as well in my new book The Recipe for Success. I have experienced it's grounding, peace and centered-ness and many times I found difficult to prioritize and stick with it. But alas... that's is exactly why it's called a meditation practice.

Yet each time I return to a consistent practice, I am struck by the stillness and calm I experience. I will go through periods where I meditate everyday for months and then nothing for a few days and sometimes a few weeks. Once I return, I have the experience of "Why did I ever stop? This feels so good...."

Reasons to Meditate

Meditation relieves suffering and it can bring us to a place where experience happiness and joy. It does so, by inviting us back to calm - to our breath - to the here and now.

Meditation can help us let go of the past and the future. It can help releasing expectations, reactions, ruminating , regret and worry. When we are fully present - in the now, we are able to enjoy the good, the pleasurable events in our lives more intensely, with more awareness and we are also able to navigate better, painful challenges that arise for all of us. In doing so, we cultivate better, more healthy relationships both with ourselves and others.

In my FREE online audio program Learn to Meditate,

you will learn about the variety of health benefits of meditation, explore what meditation is (and isn't) as

well as practice a short meditation together.

Sign-up HERE today!

So there is more than one type of meditation?

There are many styles of meditation, including mantra-based meditation, guided meditations, breath awareness, loving-kindness, body-scan or progressive relaxation and others. Each with its own history and techniques, however several characteristics are shared across them all.

Through my decades of meditation, I have practiced each of those listed above, and still do! I have a regular mediation practice, mantra-based meditation, however regularly practice others as well. I always recommend to beginners to start off easy - don't make it complicated :)

I'm convinced! How do I start?

One of the reasons I created my free audio program, Learn How to Meditate, was to get people started. To dispel the myths of meditation and to give people general guidelines on how to meditate. So often I would be asked "how do I sit? what time of day? can I lay down?" Just simply guiding folks through the basics, or what I call the nuts and bolts of meditation, helped them feel confident enough to try.

Ready to begin? Start HERE

And remember - it's called a practice for a reason. The more we practice anything, the easier it gets and we begin to build a life-long, healthy habit.

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