3 Ways to Release Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can create self-sabotaging behaviors, anxiety, depression and cause us to not live our lives to our fullest – with joy, happiness and freedom. Learning to release these thoughts is not as simple as 1, 2, 3… however, practicing these mindfulness activities below can help to create new, healthy and nurturing thoughts. Here are some tips and to learn more, visit www.nikkibuckstead.com

1. Challenge negative thoughts

Whenever you have a thought that creates anxiety or self-doubt, stop and evaluate it. Ask yourself “Is this really true? Or is this just an old pattern of thinking that I don’t even notice?” Think about how you would respond if a friend spoke about him/herself that way. You would tell them they are not a good friend! Apply the same logic to your own thoughts. When you notice you are having this self-limiting, self-sabotaging thought, replace it with a positive, healthy thought. Example: “I’ll never get that promotion/job. I’m not as qualified as the other candidates.” Re-frame thought “I can learn just as quickly as the other candidates and know that I am worthy of my dream job.”

Re-framing negative thoughts is one of the most empowering ways to mindful. It is probably the #1 thing I work on with my clients!

2. Release judgment – of ourselves and others

We all judge ourselves and others, usually unconsciously. Constantly comparing ourselves to other people or comparing our lives to some ideal breeds dissatisfaction. When I find I am judging others, it’s usually I am not feeling my best about myself. When we are able to let go of judgment (not easy, but possible), we will likely feel more at ease. Some ways to take a break from judgmental thoughts include recognizing our own reaction, observing it, and then letting it go. Another helpful technique is to "positive judge." When you notice you are negatively judging a person, yourself, or a situation, look for a positive quality, too.

3. Focus on your strengths

We usually dwell on the negative and overlook the positive. The more we can practice focusing on our strengths and not dwelling on mistakes we’ve made, the easier it will be to feel positive about ourselvesf and the direction life is taking us. If you find yourself thinking harsh thoughts about your personality or actions, take a moment to stop and think about something you like about yourself. It can be that you are kind; you’re a great cook; that you volunteer; etc. We all have strengths.

Sometimes, when we are feeling really low they may be hard to identify. Ask your friends what strengths they see in you if you are struggling. Be kind and compassionate to yourself the way you would a friend.

To learn more about ways to release self-negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behavior, sign up for a FREE Discovery Life Coaching Session HERE!

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