Six-Steps to Getting Back on Track

How to Get Back on Track as the Summer Comes to an End

As summer is coming to a close, you may find yourself saying “What happened? I had such good intentions of getting these projects done this summer. Where did the time go?!” Whether you lost motivation and momentum during the summer or just ran out of time with BBQ’s, vacations, kids at home, etc.. it’s not too late to get back on track.

Maybe you had a BIG goal of launching a business or creating a new product and you just got off track. It happens to all of us. You lost momentum and now are having a hard time finding it again.

When we lose our momentum, many use it as another way to not start up again. We can use it as a way to re-affirm a self-limiting belief such as “See!! I knew I wouldn’t stick with it. I’m not even going to try.”

Momentum, like everything else, is not consistent. I’ve found the only thing consistent is inconsistency. I have also found that just because I lose momentum doesn’t mean to stop forever. For me it means, cultivating the passion that I once had. It means getting involved and doing things that are inspiring and creative to bring that project or goal back into fruition.

Now, that may be challenging to cultivate passion if your goal is to clean out your closet! But, you if you go to the Container Store or California Closet – I bet you come out feeling inspired! Becoming inspired (or re-inspired) doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. But it does require the willingness to do something different.

But when you use momentum as an excuse to stop, it simply means you’re afraid of dealing with the discomfort of getting started again.

And getting started again is one of the most valuable success skills you can develop to build resilience and be successful (whatever success means to you) in life.

That statement is SO important, I’m going to repeat it:

And getting started again is one of the most valuable success skills you can develop to build resilience and be successful (whatever success means to you) in life.

So, to beat back all of the self-defeating thoughts that have started entering your brain towards the end of summer and to honor you and help get you motivated again….

Here’s my very own 6-step plan to get you back on track…

1 – Identify the one the project or thing you’d like to get done now.

This really is an easy one. And just start with one. Don’t keep adding on to your list. That becomes overwhelming. And when most people get overwhelmed, they freeze up and don’t do anything at all! So for now…just pick one. When you finish that one, set another goal. Often times we write down a list that fills a page, look at it and then find something to distract us (social media, Netflix, shopping…) because the list is overwhelming. By completing one task in its entirety, we feel accomplished. Then we can take that momentum and move on to the next.

2 – Schedule a time and set your timer.

Put it on your calendar to work on. If we don’t specifically set aside the time to wok on the project, we will find a million other things to work on. When we designate a time – we put energy into the importance of getting it done. And then of course, keep it in your calendar, and don’t put something else in its place! (Like the latest Netflix show you are binging on!)

Something that has worked for me, depending on the task, if I allot an hour to get a project done, I set my phone timer for 25 minutes, work on the task that amount of time, and then when the timer goes off, I take 3-4 (again setting my timer, otherwise it turns into 20 minutes!) where I grab a glass of water, stand up and stretch, pet my cat – just a quick mental break. And then, I go reset the time for the remaining time. I have noticed a short little break gives my brain a little rest and a little refocus.

3 – Define small action steps.

Our brains need to know what exactly must happen. This means small tasks. Breaking it down into small bite sized pieces means quick and easy success – one step at a time.

Setting small goals for yourself is the best way to get back on track to completing a task.

This is a regular practice I have when I feel like I have a large task to complete. It’s easy to push it to the side when I say “I have to write this chapter for the forthcoming book I am co-authoring with Jack Canfield”. That makes my heart skip a beat! But when I say “Just write for 20 minutes and don’t worry about spelling or grammar”, that is much more manageable. True story!!

4 – Create the space.

This is key. If we don’t set up a space for success, we will constantly find distractions to getting things done.

If it’s your home office work space, making sure your personal bills aren’t on your desk. If it’s your mediation space, making sure that it’s quiet and comfortable. If it’s for eating more healthy, creating a space in the kitchen that doesn’t tempt you (cookies, crackers, you know…)

Most of the time for me as well, I am diffusing essential oils to help aid focus, relax, stay energized, whatever it is, I have essential oil for it!

5 – Don’t skip days.

I know. I know. We’re supposed to get weekends off. But if you’re doing small enough chunks of time, then you’ll be able to continue your groove EVEN on the weekends.

Taking a day or two off means having to start all over again on Monday. This is why you start with small chunks of time and small goals. That way, it won’t be hard to keep up your practice – even when you would normally want a day off!

Research shows the best way to create a long-lasting habit is to do it for 21 consecutive days. Yep, that means if you miss day 16, starting all over again. See our brain is wired to do the thing we always do, so given the chance it will default to that setting. Being diligent for 21 days will create a new pathway in your brain (called neuro-placidity) and you can actually re-wire your brain for new, healthy thoughts and actions.

6 – Get support!

Often times we try to do things on our own, but we can get bogged down with daily life and no one is there to help hold us accountable or be our cheerleader. Having someone who is there for you 100%, to listen and encourage is immeasurable to your success. It’s important to find the right person. What I found that worked for me is having a life coach. I know she is there for me, to listen to me and push her agenda on me (not telling me what to do, or what she thinks I should do!). But truly listening. As a life coach, I have a life coach. I realized I don’t have to navigate all of the goals, discoveries and navigating life alone, and neither do you.

To learn more about my Life Coaching Programs and how I can support you on your journey to becoming your best self visit Your Source for Personal Growth!

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