Nine stages of creativity...

Have you found yourself bogged down with what seem to be the same old routine, patterns, actions and thoughts? Did you know that we have between 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts per day and that most of those thoughts were the same thoughts we had yesterday? No wonder we are exhausted and don’t have any space for creativity to enter our life!

Being creative means so many different things, yet most of us put “creative” in a very specific box. Painter, sculptor, musician – some sort of artist. I have tried my hand (and voice) at those things and can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, have no concept of landscapes, and can’t sing my way out of a box (whatever that old phrase means…).

I often hear many people say “I’m not creative” but I see them raising happy and healthy children, or have a beautifully decorated home, or donate their time to their favorite charity. All of these are creative – but in the unconventional way.

My creativity has come in multiple forms over the years, and none of them included a paint brush! I have written many successful grants for the nonprofits I have worked for over the years; I have created programs and services for individuals who were in need of social services, and did so with few resources, lots of collaboration and a whole lot of creativity. I am also an organizer. I LOVE to organize. Whether it’s my closet, creating organizational policies and procedures, organizing vacations or organizing events – all of that takes creativity.

So, if you find yourself stuck, stalled if you have been waiting to go back to college, write that book, help with the play at your child’s school, find your purpose or Dharma, here are nine steps to get it going:

  1. Intention. Be very clear and specific about your intention. Write it down. Share it with a friend. Once we say it out loud, the Universe’s energy will rally behind your intention!

  2. Information gathering. This is where you go out and collect all of the data, materials and resources you will need.

  3. Information analysis. Review all of the information you gathered, costs, time, resources.

  4. Incubation. Allow the information to incubate. Go out into nature. Get plenty of rest. Mediation, journal, yoga and music are a great way to allow the incubation process to occur.

  5. Insight. Allow the inner vision to come to you. It usually comes as a whisper J

  6. Inspiration. This is where the flash of truth – the calling – comes to you! This is way bigger than motivation. This is the “no going back” moment!

  7. Implementation. Start moving on the plan. If you are following your Dharma, the universe will take care of the details. Just lean in to the passion.

  8. Integration. Start including this new found creativity in everything you do. Instead of saying “I am going to (fill in the blank). You say “I am…..”

  9. Incarnation. It is happening now. You are fulfilling that intention. You are witnessing your creative side blossom and living in that new, beautiful space.

I see people do this every day in their lives. Creativity in its many forms is what makes the world move, dance, wonder and wander. It needs you. It needs you to be a part of that.

Contact Nikki Buckstead at or at 714-880-4314 for life coaching support services.

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