Group and Private Meditation Classes

Monthly Guided Meditation Sound Bath

Upcoming dates: 

October 17, 2019

November 14, 2019

No prior meditation experience necessary

Address: 7641 Talbert Ave (2nd floor)

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

7:00 - 8:30 PM

Cost: $20 at the door (cash or Venmo)

Park in the back, large parking lot.  Head up the stairs and down the hall. Please arrive 10 minutes early to get settled in.

What to bring?

  • A yoga mat or blanket to lie down on

  • A pillow for your under your head and/or under your knees for comfort

  • Eye covers and a blanket

  • Whatever else you may need to be comfortable

I was introduced to meditation at the age of 15 (in 1986!).  It is a practice I wasn't very regular with during my teens and 20's, but for the past several years has become part of my daily routine. It is by far, the single most important activity I do everyday. It helped change my life!

I am so grateful to have studied  and meditated face to face with these amazing meditation teachers including Deepak ChorpaJon Kabat-Zin,   Raghavanand, Rupert SpiraCaverly MorganByron KatieEdward Viljoen, lauren DargesBrent BecVar - among many others! To be in the room and learn meditation from each of them has been one of the greatest joys of my life!

Through my decades of my own practice, along with learning from some of the top teachers around the world, you will learn not only the basis of meditation, but also how to go deeper into your meditation, along with learning what meditation is and isn't! Note: It isn't about NOT thinking!'' 

In this guided meditation, you will be lead through a relaxation technique and use essential oils to help begin to get us into a state of peace and calm.

The guided meditation will lead you through deep introspection, asking the four soul questions. The meditation ends with powerful sutras which after the experience of the sound bath, resonates deeply within. All brought to you through the training I received with Deepak Chopra.

Brooke Lowe will take us through a powerful sound bath experience. The use of the instruments and the vibrational sounds they produce, resonate with the vibrations of the body to create a deep and powerful experience.

Individual Meditation Classes with Certified Meditation Instructor,

Nikki Buckstead

Includes personalized Mantra

Sessions can be done in person (if local)

or via Teleconference

Three sessions - 1.5 hours each (approx)

Total: $149.00



Individual follow-up sessions including yoga instruction:

One hour - $50/session

30 minute - $35/session


Phone: (714) 880-4134


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