FREE Learn to Meditate Audio Program

By far, my most popular class! This FREE class is for anyone who is interested in learning about meditation and developing their own meditation practice.

It's accessible anytime that is convenient for you!






If you have ever had questions about meditation, struggled with it, or wondered why you can't stop thinking during meditation, this program is for you.


During our time together you will learn:

  • Tips on how to meditate

  • We will dispel common myths of mediation

  • Discuss techniques for quieting the mind, and

  • Do a short meditation together


As a Certified Meditation Teacher, plus decades of experience in meditation and leading others, I will guide you through this program with easy to understand concepts, answer many questions you may have had, plus, take you through a simple mediation practice you can implement at home. 


What you'll get in this FREE audio program:


Module one: Intro to Meditation

Module two: What is Meditation?

Module three: Meditation is the Antidote to Stress

Module four: Basics of Meditation

Module five: Let's Meditate


Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is a to for re-discovering

the body’s own inner intelligence. Practicing meditation on a daily

basis will help you:
✅ Manage stress and reduce anxiety
✅ Improve your relationships
✅ Create inner peace
✅ Enhance your sleep patterns
✅ Lower your blood pressure
✅ Connect more deeply to spirit 

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