Employees are one of your most valuable assets, especially as your organization grows.

You know that a happy and healthy staff

tends to be more productive, more creative,

and more collaborative, but developing a

truly effective wellness program that meets

the needs of your organization can be easier

said than done. Your wellness program

needs to work for you and your company --

not the other way around.


Science. Research. Experience.


Take the guesswork out of your wellness program by using a proven professional to develop a custom approach designed specifically for your organization. With 20 years of experience in implementing wellness and behavioral health programs, Nikki Buckstead is your trusted source for building and creating a meaningful and effective program for your business or organization. 

Is a Wellness Program worth it?



                                                                      Wellness isn’t just good for employee health. It’s good for                                                                          your company’s bottom line. However, many wellness                                                                                activities fail, because they are poorly aligned with the                                                                              company’s objectives, lack management support, or the                                                                            benefits are not communicated to decision makers in a                                                                              relevant manner.


                                                                      Evaluating and reporting the value of your wellness program can be a challenge. As a former CEO, Nikki Buckstead understands the importance of considering practical organizational factors, such as budget limitations, corporate culture, ROI and management perspective.


Illness is expensive.


Poor health in the workforce results in $227 billion per year in lost productivity in the United States. Chronic conditions make up 75 percent of health costs. Obesity in full-time workers alone costs employers $73.1 billion per year.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, 94 percent of larger firms offered at least one wellness program for employees, and 63 percent of smaller firms.

Examples of wellness programs include physical fitness activities or facilities, encouraging active commute options, encouraging use of stairs, and healthy food options available onsite. An effective wellness program creates results for you and your workers:

· Reduced health care costs and sick leave.

· Improved productivity.

· Increased employee retention and attendance.

· Increased job satisfaction.

· Reduced stress and improved relationships.


It is crucial to first identify what motivates and interests employees, as well as what will be embraced by management and the corporate culture. Wellness programs require strong direction, planning, and evaluation to generate functional change and long-term results.

​​Corporate Wellness Programs & Services:


Our wellness programs are designed to fit your specific organizational needs with commensurate pricing based on company size and services selected. Below are wellness program examples.

Lunch & Learn — Limited program to support overall employee wellness

We begin with an online survey to identify issues that are important to staff at the workplace. Ms. Buckstead consults with management, then develops a series of lunch-hour group sessions, such as weight loss, stress reduction, tai chi, or chair yoga. This program can be expanded to include walking programs, onsite fitness classes, or making healthy snacks available onsite.

Work Unit Wellness — Takes a work unit or department to a whole new level

This program includes an intensive assessment of the wellness needs of a work unit and examines how corporate practices impact the day-to-day environment. Ms. Buckstead explores strategies with management to substantially improve the health outlook and practices of the work group.

Program activities may include communication workshops, fitness challenges, and team building.


Cultivating Corporate Wellness — a comprehensive corporate wellness program

The goal of this program is creating a remarkable workplace with maximum health awareness, job satisfaction, and productivity. After an initial assessment, Ms. Buckstead provides training for senior management to develop a corporate vision and culture that embraces wellness and reaches all staff levels. Individual wellness coaching for supervisors and managers may be recommended.

Other Core Services:

  • Work with upper and middle management to provide support, engagement and involvement of the programs

  • In tandem with upper management and identified staff, develop a comprehensive program covering all aspects of health for employees

  • Data collection to identify needs and support results-oriented programs

  • Identify and implement appropriate interventions that adapt to employee needs

  • Appropriate and meaningful incentives and rewards

  • Works with senior staff, managers and supervisors to create an environment supportive of work-life balance

  • Ensure effective communication regarding the programs, goals and outcomes to staff

  • Ensure wellness is incorporated into the culture, business plan and operating principles

Partial list of Wellness Clients:

  • Orange County Employee's Association (OCEA)

  • The Equity and Wellness Institute

  • Oakland Family Resource Network

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

  • National Wellness Institute

  • Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Commission

  • Community Prevention Institute

  • Orangewood Foundation

  • OnTrack Program Resources

  • Save our Students (SOS)

  • Bridges, Inc.

  • Center for Applied Research Society

  • Grandma's House of Hope

Nikki has facilitated hundreds of our hours of training and workshops on a variety of topics including:

  • Communication styles in the workplace

  • Board of Directors development training

  • Strategic planning and implementation

  • Workplace wellness training

  • Volunteer management training

  • Program development and implementation

  • Advocacy training for behavioral health groups

  • Mindfulness Meditation training at the workplace

  • Self-care and compassion fatigue prevention training

  • Substance abuse prevention training

  • Cultural competency training

  • Holistic behavioral health training



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