Client Testimonials 

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Kim G., Pleasanton, CA 

So grateful to have met Nikki unexpectedly at a conference. Her wonderful energy and uplifting presence prompted me to call her and hire her as soon as I got home.


I had been to therapy on and off for years, and nothing compares to the work I did with Nikki's guidance. With weekly video-conference calls for coaching sessions, workbooks, worksheets, meditations and daily practice tips geared to me specifically, I now have what it takes to move through a major Life transition from stay-home-mom-volunteer to empty-nester-2nd-career-pre-tired woman living a purposeful life each day. I highly recommend her vision board workshop, too!


Namaste, Nikki!



Lisa K., Sonoma County, CA

Thank you, Nikki, for helping me overcome my fears and doubts about my career transition.


Your compassion and understanding helped me to move from living a 'half-life' to embracing my soul's journey.


Your ability to 'hold the courage' for me while I stepped out of my comfort zone was a determining factor that allowed me to take the next step in my transition.


I have gone from a life of monotonous routine to an exciting new chapter in my life and more importantly, a path that is harmonious with my soul-work. 

Amber H., Yakima, WA

Nikki was someone who entered my life at a perfect time.  I was going through some personal changes and I desperately wanted/needed to find some balance.  I needed to reevaluate and assess where I was and where I wanted to go.  


As we began our journey, Nikki quickly realized that I needed to work on some more deeply rooted beliefs that were holding me back, before I could successfully move on.  

With her help, I was able to gain some insight into old patterns and behaviors that were holding me back. I was able to work though them, and get to a place that felt more freeing and peaceful.  


She had to ask me some really powerful questions, and she always did so with compassion and respect.  


I thought that it might be a little impersonal to do our sessions over Skype, it wasn’t at all!  I actually enjoyed it and it never hindered our discussions.  

Lisa B. Rohnert Park, CA

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I am very grateful for the time we spent together on my "growth work".

I think I really needed someone (you) to ask me some very thought-provoking questions  in order to  dig deeper and get out of my own way so to speak.   I learned a very valuable lesson about questioning my self-limiting beliefs and how to re-frame things. I no longer believe everything I think!

Teri M., Huntington Beach

Nikki is warm, friendly, direct and holds you accountable – which was exactly what I needed! After feeling stuck for several years, I first started with her vision board workshop (a birthday gift to myself) and began my journey. In just four short months, Nikki has helped me implement self-care practices, pursue a new career, better my relationships as well as re-evaluate my living situation and find the courage to make some BIG life changes. I am feeling excited about life again!  Better than a therapist, Nikki has been an authentic life coach/mentor and  trusted confidant. I will always be grateful for her guidance.

Pam S., North Carolina

It’s funny how people present themselves in your life, just when you need them.  I felt like I was tangled in the web of life- chronically busy and over scheduled- business owner, mom, wife… doing for everyone one else, and losing site of what makes me happy.  I felt constantly racing around, but never feeling a sense of accomplished.  What was missing, was me.  


Nikki was there to help!  She helped me make sense of the tangled web and untangle my mess.  She gave me homework to help sift through and make sense of my life.  I feel like I have a clear plan to follow. Thank you Nikki, you have been wonderful to work with.  

Heather M., Long Beach, CA

I completed a vision board in early January with Nikki; not even three weeks later I received an offer to work for my dream company.


I starting my year off with new hope, new opportunities, and I am committed to the intentions I set through the workshop. 


Nikki didn't push or suggest she simply held the space for me to truly consider what is important to me in this coming year.


If you are interested in expanding your personal vision I suggest meeting with Nikki or attending a workshop to see your dreams come to life.

Vanessa B. Long Beach, CA

I was blessed w/ the opportunity to join a Vision Board Workshop last wknd & it was amazing!!! 👍🏼🙌🏼

I normally avoid things like this... putting myself out there, meeting new people & awkward situations. However, I must admit that you’re never gonna get different results if u keep feeding your fears!

If anyone is interested in meditation, or learning how to manifest & create the life you’ve always wanted; I highly recommend Nikki Buckstead’s services! She is such an inspirational ray of light! 

I learned the power is within us all; sometimes it’s just a matter of getting clear on our intentions & how to move into action. 😉

Maurielle P. Long Beach, CA

Within just a matter of a few weeks of working with Nikki, my ENTIRE life has undergone an extremely positive transformation. For about 6 months, I looked at her business card before making the commitment to myself.. and I'm so glad I finally said, "YESS!!" She's amazing. If you're reading this, you should say "YESS" too. Just sayin'.

Dahlia G., Orange County, CA

Awesome experience! There were 16 of us (in the Vision Board workshop). I feel I’ve gained clarity and I’m already manifesting what I created on my vision board. I highly recommend this small investment for a major transformational opportunity. 

Tiann G, Huntington Beach, CA

My time with Nikki was truly transformational. I came to her at a point in my life where I was ready to make changes and improvements in my personal life and business. Her energy is welcoming, and refreshing. With her help I was able to witness my own blocks, create beliefs that serve me, and connect back to my motivation. These areas in my life improved greatly during the course of our coaching, and continuing after. I’m so thankful for having the opportunity to work with her and all I gained.

Kelly B., Huntington Beach, CA


I just wanted to thank you for the awesome meditation and sound healing tonight. I am so glad I found you. I have been meditating for many years but, really like the group energy. I'm amazed at how quickly I  drop into the meditation, how deep I go and how easily I am able stay there. I leave feeling lighter and whole again. Thank you so much!


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