Clarity and Purpose 

Three Month Transformational Life Coaching Program

Are you experiencing any of the following and don’t know what to do next?

the Clarity and Purpose Program is for you!

This package is for you if….

  • Major life transition

       Major changes can have a big impact on our

       clarity such as being a recent empty-nester,

       a divorce or marriage, the loss of a parent, or 

       purchase of a new home or blending of two 

       families. Any of these life transitions can leave 

       us discombobulated, mixed-up and 

       and frustrated. 

  • Feeling stuck, lost or unhappy

     Sometimes we lose momentum in a career, a relationship or just get stuck in a rut                                     altogether!  This can include relationships, being unhappy with our career choice or just                       feeling trapped in your current situation and need a plan to move forward.

  • You’re feeling out of balance

      When you lose your optimal life balance, it can seem like you are being tugged and pulled in                  every direction.  You end up feeling exhausted and unhealthy, with persistent self- doubt and            negative self-talk. Ugh!

  • There must be something bigger in this life – but what?                                                    

       You want to live a purposeful life with meaning -- not just the same old routine. The daily                       grind can leave you feeling like your entire life is dedicated to others: employers, parents,                     children, spouse, and friends. Who can relate to this?! It’s time to move past the guilt to                        discover your own potential.

  • I just need help managing my life!                                                                                        

        Maybe you just feel overwhelmed to the point that you feel like you might break on some                      days – but that’s simply not an option! This is an indication that you need to regroup and                        regain perspective about the basics, including your business or career, finances, family,                        time management, career, spirituality and/or health.

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What you’ll get:

  • My 100% commitment to you – to empower, guide and inspire you to find your clarity and purpose

  • Four 50-minute sessions per month with me (teleconference or in-person if local)

  • Two accountability, follow up emails per week, from me (let’s keep you on track!)

  • A safe and sacred space to connect and inspire so that you will feel supported and affirmed



  • Daily Journal to track your progress, your questions, your brilliant thoughts, as well as opportunities and challenges that come up

  • Growth Work! This includes personalized weekly worksheets to help you discover your clarity and purpose. (Examples: Weekly Session Preparation Forms, Be! Do! Have! Worksheets, Fulfillment of Desires, Aligning With Your Values and Purpose Worksheets – don’t worry, this is fun work!)

  • Weekly guided meditations – Let’s get you centered

  • Guide to Setting Powerful Intentions e-book. This e-book is a powerful exercise to help you determine you gain clarity and discover your purpose in life.

  • Cultivating a Self-Care Practice Workbook. With several topics including a self-care checklist, learning to say no, identifying energy zappers and other tools help you to begin to cultivate practices to manage your own self-care.

  • Monthly tool-kit mailed to you. Each month will vary and may include a book, video, CD, inspirational or motivational works targeted toward your specific goals.


What else you will receive:

  • Clarity – Identify what you want

  • Purpose – Identity where you’re going

  • Guidance –  How to get there

  • 100% commitment and support from me. Imagine having a true confidant. I will be there supporting you in reaching your dreams - or even supporting and empowering you to find out what those dreams are!  I am there without judgment or an agenda except to help motivate, inspire and coach you to find and become your true and amazing self! Priceless!

  • 5% discount on all online or in-person program

  • Referral Program – one extra FREE month of coaching if you refer someone to me (and they sign up for a package!)

You will also have access to your own client portal where you can track your progress and find information on all of your client sessions, save your homework and have access to other secure information.


Why work with me?


Experience. I’ve spent the last 20+ years working in the field of behavioral health - coaching, guiding, counseling and teaching those looking to improve their lives. Whether it’s in their career, relationships, health and wellbeing, stress and anxiety, overcoming addictions, getting through difficult life transitions, wanting to improve your overall life - I can help you create a life that inspires and fulfills you.


Passion. My passion always has been and continues to be, to empower people to find their passion and purpose in life - whether it is mind, body, spirit, career, life challenges, or life transitions.


Holistic and Life Coaching is truly a calling for me. Throughout my life, my central gift to offer the world has been to help people find their unique talents and become architects of their own lives. I am so grateful that I get to help you find your passion and live you best life!


Education. With a Masters in Psychology, Certifications in life coaching, project management, workplace wellness programs, meditation and Ayurveda, not only do I have the I have the experience and passion to be your Coach, but I also come with the education, tools and skills necessary to be effective. (Plus I have hundreds of hours of training in leadership, addiction counseling, Chakra balancing, aromatherapy, yoga, nutrition counseling…)


Commitment. Bottom line - I am 100% committed to your success and wellbeing. I don’t judge, I have no agenda and I am not here to nag (whew!) I simply want what you want - for you to be YOUR BEST SELF!

Schedule your complimentary discovery session today!

Clarity and purpose are vital for the achievement of success and for making your dreams come true. Your dream or goal must be specific and clear and should not be vague. While it’s fun to daydream about being rich and successful, you have to know and define clearly what you want to get or to achieve. 

That’s where I come in! Through specific coaching techniques, I help you discover your clarity and purpose, help you build a realistic and attainable plan to that will empower you. I will be there - Helping you and guiding you, ensuring you stay on track through out coaching and accountability calls and specific Growth Work (there’s no homework here!)

When there is clarity and purpose you will be empowered to know what steps to take. I will help you find that clarity so you can focus on that purpose!


Find out what people are saying:


Lisa K., Sonoma County, CA

Thank you, Nikki, for helping me overcome my fears and doubts about my career transition.

Your compassion and understanding helped me to move from living a 'half-life' to embracing my soul's journey.


Your ability to 'hold the courage' for me while I stepped out of my comfort zone was a determining factor that allowed me to take the next step in my transition.


I have gone from a life of monotonous routine to an exciting new chapter in my life and more importantly, a path that is harmonious with my soul-work. 


Phone: (714) 880-4134


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