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Discovery Session: What can I expect?


During your complimentary, 45-minute Discovery Session, we will assess the eight major areas of your life today.  Identify where you are looking for support, guidance and purpose. Where  you are feeling blocked or stuck in life, where you are may have some hidden self-limiting beliefs, and where you  are looking to improve your life, to live your best life! We also be sure to discuss all the great things you are experiencing too and where you may want to enhance those areas of your life. It could be in your career, finances, setting boundaries, self-care, relationships, social life and general balance and well-being.

During our session, you identify any barriers or limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from reaching your goals. Each session is ended with suggested next steps to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. You’ll finish the session with new clarity and direction. 

Coaching: How does it work? 

You choose the package that’s right for your needs. All coaching packages start with a Dharma Session where you’ll to lay the groundwork for aligning with your life purpose and set goals, actions and practices so you can manifest what you truly desire. Coaching sessions are done via teleconferencing or in-person, if local, so, geography is never a factor. You can have access to me from anywhere in the world. In addition, being able to see and interact with your coach brings an added dimension to the coaching relationship. Plus, you will have access to your personal online client portal. All of our communication, appointments, goals, and follow-up is one, easy to access and navigate location.

Will I benefit from Coaching?

Yes! Working with me means gaining an accountability partner, a support system and wise counsel. I will help you:

  • Define your vision

  • Set challenging, but achievable goals

  • Break down goals into actionable plans

  • Identify and release any limiting beliefs that are in your way

  • Articulate your core values and align with your purpose

  • Manage any sense of overwhelm, stress or frustration as it comes up

  • Learn to communicate more effectively

  • Manage any important life transitions

  • Find your life’s purpose

  • Increased positive experiences in your relationships

  • Increased peace and happiness

  • And more...

I look forward to meeting you!


Phone: (714) 880-4134


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