A passion in helping

others succeed

My passion is empowering people to live their best life, in both their personal and professional lives. Through discovering a healthy work-life balance and cultivating an attitude of self-care and well-being - my passion is to guide and support others to live authentically and with purpose - in business and personal living. I do this in every area of my work. Nonprofits, individuals, leadership teams and in the work force.


Helping others is truly a calling for me. Throughout my life, my central gift to offer the world has been to help people find their unique talents and become architects of their own lives. Whether it is working with companies and organizations, boards of directors, or one on one with individuals, providing insight and guidance - my extensive experience in  leadership, effective communication and relationship building, cultural competency,  group facilitation and training, I can provide you with the tools, skills, support and guidance you are seeking.  

For nearly 25 years I have worked in the nonprofit, behavioral health industry, holding executive and advocacy roles. With each cause and program, I bring a deep passion to my work, always focusing on helping others succeed.

When my mother passed away, the reality of the proverbial "life is too short” lamentation weighed heavily on my heart. I found myself at a significant point in my life and knew it was time to do more.

For myself, I decided to become certified in the things I loved and brought with me into the work I did. So, I became a certified life coach, a certified meditation teacher, certified workplace wellness leader and certified yoga teacher.

Working one on one or with a business, I am able bring to depth, training and real-life experiences.

​I have completed hundreds of hours in leadership training and have provided business consulting services for a variety of nonprofit organizations and government services.

Yet, as valuable as my broad professional experience and training is, most importantly, I bring to you my deep commitment to your company, leadership team or to yourself - to your success. Whatever that may look like!

In addition to extensive training, I bring a wealth of rich, diverse life experiences to my practice, which allows me to relate to and connect with my clients.


My professional career began in the early 1990s in the nonprofit social services field as a youth drug and alcohol counselor. I worked in juvenile hall and high schools, leading groups for teens who were experiencing difficulties. 

In 2000, I progressed into program administration and soon thereafter as CEO of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) in Sacramento, CA.  In total, I spent eleven amazing years at NCADD, developing innovative treatment and prevention programs, including Choice Plus Sober Recovery High School, Options for Recovery, an intensive outpatient treatment and recovery program for women. I also advocated for effective programs on local, state and national levels.  


I also serve as the Vice-President of the Equity and Wellness Institute and am a board member for the She Recovers Foundation. In the past, I served as Executive Director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Sonoma County, acted as Community Coalition Director in healthcare settings, and worked as a consultant for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Wellness Institute, She Recovers Foundation, SOS Community Counseling, Community Prevention Institute, Center for Applied Research Solutions, and OnTrack Program Resources and others..  My varied expertise includes community engagement, strategic planning, advocacy, public speaking, and training.

(For more professional background: Nikki Buckstead on Linkedin

I am fortunate to have lived in many areas of the United States, with much of my life spent in the beautiful Golden State. I now reside in Southern California and have a rather demanding, but adorable, cat!  I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world, but I still have many places yet to go!


Embracing a holistic lifestyle has been paramount for me throughout my life, leading me to become a certified teacher of Meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga.  I discovered meditation when I was 15 years old. Although  the consistency of my practice wavered during my teens and young adulthood, this early exposure gradually introduced me to many different types of meditation and deepened my connection over time. 

Most importantly, I have been in recovery for over 30 years. Sobriety has been the humble, formidable foundation to make all of the good in my life possible. My friends, family, spiritual practices, reading, learning and traveling are my backbone and keep me grounded, healthy and happy.

Check out my best-selling book, The Recipe for Success that I co-authored with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul author) and many other great leaders in their field! Published 2019 and on the best-sellers list on Amazon!

Training with Dr. Deepak Chopra on the science of mindfulness, health and well-being.

Said demanding cat  - but who can resist that face.



Phone: (714) 880-4134


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